How to Be a Beautiful Happy and Successful Woman in the 21-st Century - in Russian language

  • Lebovic Community Campus (map)
  • 9600 Bathurst Street
  • Toronto
  • L6A 3Z8

The first master class is dedicated to the women’s beauty and health in the modern world, where you will learn about the three components of beauty.

  1. How look good and why it is so important.
  2. Golden ration and how people evaluate us in a split second.
  3. The importance of a good posture and a graceful gait. How to wear high heels like catwalk models.
  4. Radiant and healthy skin and hair; how to choose the right hairstyle to look younger.
  5. How to use makeup to look natural and young.
  6. How to put together your wardrobe, so you will always look like a million dollar person even on a modest budget.
  7. How and when to wear accessories and jewelry, so as not to look old-fashioned, but also not to flaunt your wealth.
  8. How to prevent illnesses, as well as how to plan for longevity, how to eat right, so you will never gain weight and how to lose any if you need to.
  9. The level of acidity in your body (PH level). How to do sports for enjoyment without damaging your health.
  10. Sexuality and hormones and how to preserve the libido well into older age.