1. Fall in love with yourself and start treating yourself as a beautiful person who deserves only the best: the best clothes, the best shoes, the best body to live in and the best life to live. 

2. Fall in love with the right person and guard that relationship as your biggest treasure. Give love, do not trade it, do not compromise it.

3. Get a job that you absolutely love and that will give you full financial independence and a good lifestyle. Become an expert in what you are doing. Do your job better than others. Without financial independence your life will have too many limitations.'

4. Appreciate everything that you have in your life. Love your life, love everything that surrounds you, even your problems. Overcoming obstacles can teach us important lessons and make us stronger. 

5. Make four friends and meet them weekly. This makes you a happier person. 

6. Look for opportunities to laugh and laugh as often as possible. Always smile; it will bring you a sense of happiness. Do not miss fun events for no reason, create those events.

7. Be positive, and do not allow yourself to judge people. Avoid negative people like you would avoid a plague. Do not allow anybody to tell you about illness and never speak about it to anyone else. 

8. Always grow spiritually and professionally. Build your self-discipline. Without self-growth,your life will be boring and depressing. Raise your standards as soon as you reach a standstill. It will make your life interesting. 

9. Travel as often as possible and explore different countries and cultures. This will enrich you as a person. There is nothing more memorable than a time when one has travelled. Exploration is a huge element of happiness. 

10. Listen to music and dance whenever you have a chance. Visit theatres and concerts as weekly. Music is the number 1 method to change your state of mind or mood.

11. Have children and own your home. Treat your family as your biggest success. Children will bring joy, laughter and happiness into your life.

12. Have a hobby that makes you forget about time. Having a hobby will make your life happier and help you to find good friends with similar interests. This is the best cure for loneliness.  

13. Be healthy, eat good organic food and exercise daily for one hour. Cook food for yourself and for your loved ones; it’s not only healthier and more economical, cooking at home shows love and devotion. 

14. Live your life in this moment and only for today. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, only today is real. Do not allow yourself to live your life without pleasure. Without hesitation, get rid of everything that makes your life unhappy. Learn how to love small things.

15.  Remember that happiness is inside of you and your happiness depends on you. Nobody can make you happy, only YOU can. Make a list of all the things that make you feel unhappy and start working on it. Decide that you are happy no matter what  and create that reality! Be happy!