I have started my career in Real Estate in June 2015. In November, I had a pleasure of attending one of Tatiana’s coaching session on how to live the life you love. At that moment I was so empowered by her enthusiasm and energy that I approached her with an idea of coaching me to succeed in my new career in Real Estate.

As soon as we started working together, I had made $60,000 within 2 month of coaching. WOW. Something I never expected will ever happen!!!
I’m confident that I will reach my career goals with Tatiana’s help.

Tatiana is high profile individual with broad knowledge of markets and how to empower people to succeed in life!!
— Olya Walker

Tatiana’s master class about women’s beauty and health in 21st century was awesome for me as for a young woman opened for new experience. It was a perfect combination of her own life experience and worldwide beauty standards. The way Tatiana presents her knowledge is very professional and natural at the same time.
I have already started to use in practice the secrets that Tatiana revealed behind her beauty regime and they work great. Especially for skin care and my hair.
After this master class I feel inspired and I will definitely continue to attend next master classes!
— Anna Movchaniuk

I would highly recommend Tatiana Konkina’s Success and Happiness master class to all my friends! Everyone of us will find it useful and practical. There is always place for some improvements in our daily lives to be more successful and happier... may be to bring more balance for some of us.
— Natella Dale

Dear Tatiana ,
Thank you so much for your seminar. It was a great event, full of fun, excitement and enthusiasm. It completely opened my eyes about my life. I woke up this morning and jumped out of bed expecting another beautiful day of my life, not like it was yesterday: a day of boring routine. Now I know, that everything depends on me and I can live my life the way I want it. I know what should I do to change my life for the better.
By the way, I enjoyed my morning coffee, my bread and yogurt. For the first time I felt pleasure starting my day and enjoying it. Even my morning drive was not stressful like it usually is, because Tatiana taught us how to enjoy it.
When I came to my office, I spoke with my coworkers with smiles and love and received the same attitude back. Now I know how to deal with my boss and ask for a raise.
It was the most important two days in my life and I only wish I had met Tatiana earlier. I would be a happier person and have built my career sooner and better.
Thank you Tatiana. I will come again and again to learn your wisdom and knowledge.
— Elena Kadunova

Hi Tatiana,
Thank you for the wonderful seminar. It was entertaining and full of very important information. I had no idea that bad posture can cause a serious illness and can significantly shorten your life. I did not know about PH levels and what should I eat to stay slim and healthy without dieting.
I checked my closet and gave away all the clothes that were outdated, or that I did not like. I had no idea that being dressed for business is so important and I noticed that my clients now enjoy looking at me. (I am a mortgage broker)
This was a very informative seminar and I can highly recommend it.
— Nadia Ritz

Tatiana helped me to evaluate my  life. I never realized that I can screen all my fears and ask myself “What would be the worst case scenario, if something would happen?” And when I realized that the outcome is not too bad, not too scary, I moved my life forward.
What was preventing my happiness was not real. I am so much happier now.
— Alexandra Gurevich

If anyone should tell women about beauty and success, it definitely should be Tatiana . She is a life model to copy: her style, elegance and success. After her seminar I walk like a beautiful woman, I look beautiful and I feel beautiful.
Everything looks so easy, so simple and natural. I did not realize that I would learn the most important things in my life within a two-day seminar. The only regret? That I did not meet Tatiana earlier.
— Marianna Aripova

Very important two days!
I enjoyed every minute. I did not realize that happiness is so real ! Now  I know what should I do to keep this state and I will never lose it again. This seminar opened my mind, With Tatiana everything looks possible!
— Diana Fielgate